This is Us

To continue to be soft to each other.To be emotionally aware of each other. To be perceptive enough to listen to silent words and call each other out on injuries & tiny foxes. To trust and be trusted. To keep walking hand in hand until the perfect day. To live and be alive, with each … Continue reading This is Us


Poem for a boy that I’m in love with.

Have I told you how cute you are with dem glasses. Or how I'm crazy about your quiet sense/look of introspection. Have I told you that I love how you look at me? Like this is the first time you are seeing a woman. Have I told you that your attention to my emotions removes … Continue reading Poem for a boy that I’m in love with.

He Is Intentional

To the God who works all things. Weaves them together intricately. Fashions all types of situational fabrics. Juxtaposes intents and purposes. And sews them together for our good. To Him be all the glory, honor, power. Forever. *** He's intentional and he's made us in his image. Whoop whoop! Live intentional.

The Journey To Fulfilling Love Took Me Ten Years

It's been a long ride into accepting the love that glorifies. The journey into a love that is fulfilling has taken me about 9 to 10 years. In my opinion, the characteristics each person has that shortchanges them, the beliefs they have that re-crucifies them, the journey they have to embark on to understand God's … Continue reading The Journey To Fulfilling Love Took Me Ten Years