Love Notes (01)

Quiet, still, gentle moments rippling with excitement. You shift, make space for me..I make room and draw closer to you. Still waters coursing through my heart, my mind & soul is refreshed. You speak in low tones and calmness, I respond with loud laughter & noise that you adore. The path on your face is … Continue reading Love Notes (01)


He Is Intentional

To the God who works all things. Weaves them together intricately. Fashions all types of situational fabrics. Juxtaposes intents and purposes. And sews them together for our good. To Him be all the glory, honor, power. Forever. *** He's intentional and he's made us in his image. Whoop whoop! Live intentional.

The Journey To Fulfilling Love Took Me Ten Years

It's been a long ride into accepting the love that glorifies. The journey into a love that is fulfilling has taken me about 9 to 10 years. In my opinion, the characteristics each person has that shortchanges them, the beliefs they have that re-crucifies them, the journey they have to embark on to understand God's … Continue reading The Journey To Fulfilling Love Took Me Ten Years