Bordering on the Emotional: A Look at the Huggies Radio Ad


I heard an ad on the way to work this morning and it was a beauty to be(hear) – pardon the obvious gbagaun there!

Babies are cute – when they aren’t crapping and peeing all over you. Or my personal favorite – when they won’t stop crying – I was told by my grandma that my mum’s secret remedy for any attempts at incessant bawling was a dash of brandy (mum was a Remy Martin kinda gal) to the formula. This is probably why I have a strong affinity for spirits, but not the stomach for beer.

But I digress!

The Ad. Such a beautiful mix of some of the cutest babblings of our younger ones that will just make your heart melt (I am a guy. I love kids. And no, I am not gay!!). And what are the kids saying – thank you!

That’s it. Thank you! From the moment the voice over artiste (a very well spoken gentleman reminiscent of a Sean Connery, but without the Scottish lilt) starts talking about what babies would like to say to their parents, and you hear the first angelic babble in the background, you know you are in for an overload of cuteness. Almost makes you forget the other side of being a baby – REALLY LOUD BAWLING!

So, if you get the chance, catch the ad. It is most likely going to make your morning drive to work a lot more pleasant.

It makes the day more when you hear the final part of the ad – I’ll let you keep that one as your own little surprise.




This post was written by my crazy Advertising buddy, Ademola Adesina